The one good thing that came out of the recent unrest was that we got to meet the people who live in our community; those who stood at the coalface.


Night after night I noticed this man standing at the various check-points of the community where we reside. He introduced himself as Frans. He had an imposing presence made more imposing by the fact that he hardly spoke. His steel blue eyes and snow white goatie made him hard to forget. When he did speak, he spoke with a deep Afrikaans accent with a slight American twang. I looked him up and down, as I do with everybody I meet and noticed that his hands were “working hands” and that his nose had likely been broken before. I made up my mind to try never to irritate this man. Turns out that my summary of him was accurate. This is Francois Botha – The White Buffalo – the man who fought Mike Tyson. And guess what, Frans lives right here in our community.


Just for interests sake herewith Frans’s boxing career fight card:-


Total fights – 63

Wins – 48

Knock outs – 29

Losses – 11


Frans was also a prolific kick boxer and MMA fighter. He is now also my friend.


Frans tells me that he is trying to get Tyson back into the ring for a rematch. Win or lose there is a lot of money at stake. This will be a fight worth watching.