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WANTED for questioning - CHARL BRITS (Born 1980)

This office is looking for CHARL BRITS who was last seen in the Pinetown area Monday 20 November 2017. Brits is driving a Ford Ranger, white in colour, NU62188.

If anybody has paid this man in cash for services to be rendered, please contact this office. Charl was offering the service of gutter installation.

Do NOT give this man money! Do NOT believe anything he tells you. Contact us immediately - Brad 0832502007. Email or inbox us privately.
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Perhaps the most obvious fraud to date. ... See MoreSee Less

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This young lady went missing this morning en route to work presumably from Umlazi. Some of her personal items were found discarded along Victoria Embankment. Anybody with information is asked to call Brad on 0832502007, email or inbox us privately.

Lungisa was driving a maroon coloured VW Polo NUZ34025.
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A young man was left seriously injured after a motorcar collided with him whilst he was standing in the car-park outside Tiger Tiger at 04h02 this morning.

The vehicle, similar to the one in pic below, was being driven at high speed and it would seem that the driver lost control of the steering.

Immediately after the accident the driver sped off in the direction of the ocean.

A case of hit and run is being investigated by the SAPS. We are appealing to witnessses to contact this office.

We know the name of one of the passengers who was in the vehicle at the time of the accident. We are suggesting that you make yourself available for a statement before we ask our readers to tell us where to find you.

This is a very serious offence. This is not a time to be protecting the identity of the driver because this too is a serious offence.

Contact Brad 0832502 007. Inbox us privately or email
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MISSING - Last seen in the Margate area.
Please contact Brad Nathanson 0832502 007. Inbox us privately or email

JMC Double Cab 4x4 DK20TCGP
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I attended an autopsy on Friday, my first in my 37 years at the coalface of fighting crime. There is nothing more final that an autopsy. I guess because your death is a given.
As this procedure unfolded in front of me I considered the recent life of this woman who died unnecessarily but as a direct result of heroin and crystal meth. Not because she was a drug addict but because her partner is. Whether suicide or murder, the result the same. Death. You will lose your life to heroin, whether you are a user or a person who lives in the eternal hope of another’s rehabilitation. Don’t support them. Don’t allow them to dictate your world and above all, don’t be fooled by them because they come in many colours, many shapes and sizes and in all walks of life.
It’s not referred to as tough love because it’s tough only on the addict when you stop funding their habit and set them free, it’s tough love because it’s tough on the hopeful. The decision to stop heroin and other chemicals begins and ends with the addict.
In too many instances taking heroin is choice. Choose NEVER to do chemicals, tobacco especially. These, like alcohol, are the gateway drugs. BEWARE!
I can say with the most amount of respect. I am a man in awe. My wife Esme’ attended that autopsy with me. I have seen most things in my career, but this took everything to another level if not for our Faith in God.
I once told an addict, who my wife and I had invested much time and effort into; in an attempt to rehabilitate him, that the next time I saw him he would likely be on a slab. I wished him anything but harm. This is NOT where I want to see him next.
Too few good stories begin with “I decided that I wanted to see what heroin was like ……"

Educate your children, especially in their formative years. Educate your friends and family. #SayNEVERtodrugs

Make this a must share. We can only fight this with education. You could save a life.
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The facts of this case are true. Names have been changed to protect identity.

John worked his backside off and saved up for 8 years to buy his wife the wedding ring he believes she deserves (similar to ring depicted in pic below). The value of the ring is estimated at R80,000.00.

On Tuesday 14 November John and his wife employed the services of the sister of an existing staff member to clean their home. “Precious” (19) is only employed for a day.

On Wednesday 15 November John’s wife Jill realizes that her wedding ring is missing. Due to an unrelated incident, Jill had taken the ring off and left it in her bedside drawer.

On Thursday 16 November we interviewed Precious who admitted to stealing the ring. She described it perfectly right down to describing it to be “silver” (white gold) in appearance. She was accurate when she described its design. She explained that en-route to work on Tuesday 14 November she had met a man, a foreign National, in Pine Street and that this man (Nino) had handed her a brochure (see below), on which was depicted pictures of various items of jewelry that “Nino” said that he would buy from his customers for cash. When Precious saw the ring in the bedside drawer, Nino immediately came to mind.

After stealing the ring, Precious took it to Nino who gave her R300.00!!!!!!!!!

Today, together with the SAPS and Precious we went to see Nino whose first and only reaction was to say that he had never seen Precious before and that he had NOT bought anything from her. No amount of pleading from Precious would sway Nino who quickly summoned assistance from other foreign Nationals who seemed to appear from out of nowhere.

The pamphlet that Nino hands out to domestic workers is nothing less than an inventory of precisely what domestic workers should steal from their employer. High value items are being stolen from employers and sold for a pittance of their worth because these domestic workers are being exploited by the owners of these “Coin and diamond exchange” franchises “owned” and run by foreign Nationals who behave as if they are above the law and who do NOT adhere to the laws that pertain, even to them, to the purchase of second hand goods. To make things worse is the fact that this franchise in particular and one across the street, are both within spitting distance of a police station.

I for one have had enough of this. We deal with these franchises on a regular basis and the result is ALWAYS the same. The owner denies that he has ever seen the “seller” before, denies that he has purchased from the seller and is quick to refer to a register that he obviously doesn’t update when purchasing obviously stolen goods.

As it would seem that there is no end in sight to the mushrooming of these franchises, we are urging readers to take care of their items of jewelry or deal with the fact that these items will likely end up in the hands of some foreign National who could care less for it’s sentimental or monetary value.
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Dear Readers
Thank you. Mr. Brian Danckwerts has been found. He is safe and is in communication with his family. No harm befell him.

Thank for for your help and concern. Special thanks to Mahlaba from Tracker SA. Mr. Mahlaba is well known for his committment and is both an asset to Tracker as well as to the community at large.
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Better Image of missing man Brian Danckwerts - See post below. Brian's wife is frantic. Please take a moment to share. ... See MoreSee Less

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The person that we are trying to locate is Brian Danckwerts. We apologize for the poor picture quality.

Brian is 87 years old and was last seen last night at approximately 7pm in the Hilton Area.

He is driving a Silver coloured Pajero – license plate NPS 87903. The vehicle has stickers on the sides advertising a book that Brian published called “GRO – A Rhodesian Saga” so it is fairly easily distinguishable.

Brian was travelling alone to the Kruger Park and has had no contact with his family since yesterday afternoon.

Anybody with information is asked to call Brad on 0832502007.
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