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Part 4 – Arresting the murderers of Marius Deyzel

I only arrived in Mangusi at 19h00 15 May 2017. I had been given pain killers but I decided not to take any as I didn’t want to drive drowsy. I had a hot bath in Mangusi (kind care of some lovely people I met there) “Thank you”. I was fed, hydrated and administered a […]

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Part 3 – Arresting the murderers of Marius Deyzel

At 09h10 15 May we were traveling in the middle lane along the N2 Northbound and approaching the glide-off to the the King Shaka International airport when we hit what looked like a puddle of water which caused the Ranger to aquaplane. I am an experienced driver and responded in anticipation managing to right the […]

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Part 2 – Arresting the murderers of Marius Deyzel

On Saturday 13 May my name appeared in the Independent on Saturday as having been involved in the arrest of three suspects wanted in respect of various armed robberies targeting XS Denim and Watches Unlimited. Together with the SAPS we arrested our suspect along with two others and recovered and placed into custody a suspicious […]


Arresting the murderers of Marius Deyzel – PART 1

Brad Nathanson – “Arresting the murderers of Marius Deyzel. The facts to the Best of my recollection and more detail as the cases against the suspect begin to mount”.   Since 16 May 2017 I have heard so many distorted versions of the work that I did in Mangusi that I have been spirit-lead to […]