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Desmond Roberts

If anybody has any information pertaining to the murder of Mr. Desmond Roberts who was murdered in the early hours of New Year’s day 01 January 2018 in Malvern, KZN, we request that you contact this office on 076 727 7920 or email

Your identity will remain strictly confidential.

Our sincerest condolences go out to his family and friends.

Very tragic. And a great loss.
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Interview with Blue Security Community TV - Siam Lee abduction and murder. ... See MoreSee Less

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There has been so much publicity surrounding this case and so much said by so many that if we received R10,00 for every careless comment, we could do this investigation pro-bono, even if the investigation went on for a year.

Far outweighing the genuine sorrow expressed by some were disgraceful comments suggesting that Siam, because of her line of work, "deserved" to end up charred and discarded like trash. A serving member of the SAPS even posted on FB that the SAPS should not be wasting resources looking for Siam and that Siam "didn't want to be found".

What have we become as a society where human life itself is treated with such disrespect? Irrespective what Siam was doing a day, a week, a month, a year before her disappearance and subsequent death, she was only 20 years old with the same dreams and aspirations as any other 20 year old young woman. SHE WAS JUST A CHILD!!!

Please people. Give this girl the respect she deserves as a human being if nothing else. The truth will come out. Suspects will be arrested. There are some very experienced investigators looking into this.

If you have something to share please do so by in-boxing us privately. You may cal Brad 0832502007 or email

This pic appeared in the Sunday times with the following caption "Don't mind me, just in a field waiting to be abducted" ........... In hindsight, perhaps a careless thing to "put out there".

Social media has NOT been kind to this investigation. Not only did Siam have an instagram account but also a FB page with 1800 followers. As many of these followers commented on her page things like "We never met but RIP ..........", it may be concluded that Siam didn't actually know many of those who "liked" her page. As investigators will tell you, this gives us 1800 suspects before we get out of the starting blocks.


Our sincere condolences to friends and family of Siam Lee. In God's hands.
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Hi-Jacked - Friday 12 January, Table Mountain, Pmb

BELL 315 SK 4x4 TLB
VIN AEBF877KJ01003362
ENG PE4045G961198

Machine loaded onto a flatbed that was last tracked to the Hammarsdale area.

Please be on the lookout. All logos/stickers are by now most likely removed.

Contact Brad 0832502007 or email or inbox us.
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Another armed robbery - 11h30 - Cherry Design, Checkers Centre, Hillcrest.

No injuries but a massive loss of jewelry.

Well done to the unarmed men from Ensure who managed to fight off the armed suspects.

Suspects fled in a white coloured Toyota Corolla NE20287, Durban bound. .
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This office mourns the barbaric, senseless and evil-inspired death of a young woman whose burned remains were discovered yesterday. To the animals responsible. "May you get what you deserve and forever burn in hell".

These cases are hard to make sense of because most of us reading this are "normal" by definition. How does a normal human being begin to comprehend the mind of a man/men who could do this? This office offers its full support of any initiative to track down these bastards and bring them to justice.

Brad Nathanson
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It is alleged:-

(Names have been changed to protect the innocent AND the guilty).

That on 28 December 2017 SKIP KOMBUIS was drinking at a Sports Club in Outer West, Durban.

6 year old "Annie" was sitting across the counter from her Grandfather.

When the Granfather's attention was diverted, Skip asked Annie if she wanted to see the latest version of the Candy game which Skip said that he had on his phone. When Annie said "Yes", Skip took her by her hand and lead her to the gents toilet and into the cubicle as shown below. He then closed the door behind them.

When Granny heard her Granddaughter screaming and realized that the screams were coming from the gents ablutions, She ran in, only to be viciously attacked by Kombuis who left Granny bloodied and unconscious on the bathroom floor. The entire assault took place in front of Annie.

Annie (6) attends karate lessons. When Granny regained consciousness the first thing that she remembers Annie saying to her was "Sorry Granny. I tried all of my best karate on that man but I couldn't stop him from hurting you".

Kombuis was arrested, detained, charged only with assault GBH and released on a disgraceful R500.00 bail.

Everybody is up in arms about the fact that Kombuis has not been charged in respect of Annie but the sickening reality is that no crime was completed. The NPA is taking another look at this case today.

We pray that the NPA finds the strength and conviction to charge Skip Kombuis with attempted murder (instead of assault GBH) and attempted rape (in respect of Annie).

Ripple effect aside, three lives forever changed this day. Annie was likely sexually solicited by a grown man and had to watch this same man beat her Granny unconscious by punching, kicking and stomping on her. Granny received a near-death attack and Grandfather had to find his granddaughter with a strange man in a public toilet and when he first saw his wife lying bloodied on the toilet floor, believed that his wife was dead.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Annie, JW and DW at this time. May the memories of this awful day soon be distant.
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Two weeks ago this office arrested Charl Brits who was wanted for theft of M/V, theft of mobile phone and theft of tools. Further cases of fraud and theft are being investigated by this office and in respect of Brits.

This morning, on information received and together with the SAPS, we recovered what was left of our client's Ford Ranger.

We recovered the Ranger from where it was in the process of being stripped at a "chop shop" in Isipingo. The owners of this business told us that they had purchased the Ranger from Brits for an amount of R50,000.00. They explained that they were waiting for Brits to bring them the log book which he had allegedly promised to do but when he did not return, these "businessmen" decided to strip the Ranger and sell off its parts.

The Ranger still bore its original licence disc and number plates. The SAPS will be investigating further in respect of charges that may be brought against the "buyers".
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20 year old Siam Lee was last seen in Durban North, KZN, on Thursday 2018/01/04. Siam has long brown curly hair and has green eyes. Siam usually wears a lip ring on the right side of her bottom lip.

Siam's family have had no contact from her since her disappearance.

Anybody with any information is to contact this office on 0832502007 or email or contact local law enforcement.
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