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16 hours ago

Brad Nathanson Investigations


Johannesburg, Gauteng area

On 15 September 2018 the young man featured in pics below, was victim of a hit and run. This occurred along Albert Sisulu near Waterfall or Little Falls. Our sincere condolences to friends and family of ISSA SAMAILI. We have contacted both the SAPS in Rooderpoort as well as the SAPS in Honeydew. According to them, no such case was opened at their respective stations. We are therefore asking that anybody who knows anything about this accident to contact us. This office may be in possession of critical evidence in this case.
Brad: 0832502007.
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Diesel spill on Meadway Road (Drummond) & on the freeway (top of Key Ridge) Pmb bound!

Please drive carefully and slowly in this weather.

God Bless and protect you 🙏🏻
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6 days ago

Brad Nathanson Investigations


On 24 September 2018 Mr. Karl Reich (82) vanished from his home in Volks Road, Welkom along with his two cars and likely a 32 inch Sinotec flat screen TV.

Mr. Reich has not been seen or heard from since.

The missing vehicles are:-

White coloured Kia Cerato (2012)

Gold coloured Honda Civic (2007)

Other items missing are a brown coloured duvet (matching the pillow cases in pic below) and an Omega watch that Mr. Reich was presented for long service (see pic below of watch details). Also missing is a Samsung mobile phone.

There is no sign of a struggle and Mr. Reich’s home was left otherwise neat and tidy. There was apparently no search of his home for either a firearm or a safe.

This office is asking for anybody with information to contact us or to call Brad on 0832502007.
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So, there is a woman who is renting an accommodation in the Highway area. She does not pay rent albeit that she sub-rents two of the cottages on the property from which the landlord receives nothing.

As soon as the landlord went to see an attorney and attorney’s letters began being delivered to this woman, overnight she became “Mom” to 4 children - boys (aged 9,12,12,12) from Kwadabeka (Sub 5) and then later a fifth child - girl (aged 6).

Mom has no form of income other than that which she extorts from people by purporting herself to be a “Mom” to these underprivileged children and of course the R8,000.00 rental she receives from those to whom she has sub-let. She is now advertising on Gumtree offering accommodation in the main house.

Mom has no authority whatsoever over these children. No order from a Judge. No order from a magistrate. No affiliation to the Child Welfare offices. No letter of “authority” from the parents or even a relative of the child. By her own admission, the parents of the children want their children back, but Mom will not return them because according to Mom, these children are being abused at home. This may be true but there is a process to be followed.

Mom drove into Kwadabeka (sub 5) and collected these children herself on more than one ocassion. She has no qualifications as either a teacher, a psychologist or a physician but she has removed these children from their families. Perhaps cases of kidnapping or missing children are being investigated at SAPS Kwadabeka already. Irrespective Mom’s best intentions, there are Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers and other family members who need to know where their children are because until now. “Mom” has not disclosed her address to anybody.

There is no doubt that "Mom" loves these children, but they are not her children and she has nothing to offer other than love which is a romantic notion however, it is unrealistic and perhaps in this instance even unlawful.

The children are “home-schooled” by Mom without a curriculum and without age inappropriate text books. These children can neither read nor write.

Mom alleges that the six-year-old girl had been raped by an Uncle. If this is true, the boys are approaching puberty. I don’t need to paint a picture. These children should be at school.

“I would love to own a tiger, but I only know how I would hug it, feed it and keep it warm. I do not know enough about tigers to be able to raise one let alone one that has a history that I am unfamiliar with. Also, I might like my tiger so much that a get a few more. The food bill notwithstanding, they won’t always be kittens”.

I pose the question again. Sinner or a Saint?

We invite your response to this. Please keep posts tidy and pertinent to this question.
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We are looking to speak with Christopher Bradley Erskine Smith born in 1991.
We request you please contact this office.

If you know where Christopher can be reached or know of his whereabouts please contact our office.

Last seen working in the Drakensberg. / 0832502007
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Last seen in the area of Jhb 18 September 2018, corners of Malibongwe and Bellairs drive outside Banbury Cross Village ("Little Nigeria").

Chassis number NCA1G0813C1A30237
Engine number 72003750
Model C76
Year 2012

If you know where this item is or you have been offered it for sale kindly contact Brad 0832502007 or
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3 weeks ago

Brad Nathanson Investigations


This office would like to speak with YVETTE NEETHLING (Born 1978 - Bottom left). NEETHLING resides in the area of Jeppestown. There is a SAPS case opened in respect of identity theft.

This office would like to know the real identity of the man in the middle picture who is using the identity book of another to hire equipment such as tools and machinery. The identity book that is being used is in the name of ADRIAAN LOUIS DAVIS (Born 1986). There is a SAPS case opened in respect of the theft of a R250k compressor.

This office would like to speak with the real ADRIAAN LOUIS DAVIS (Born 1986 – Bottom right). DAVIS resides in the area of Randfontein. Mr. DAVIS himself is no stranger to the SAPS. There is a SAPS case opened in respect of theft.

Anybody with information is asked to contact this office or call Brad 0832502007.
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Please be aware of this email, the sole purpose of which is to defraud you rather than refund you.

Please share with all of your friends and family.
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Please take a look at this video footage.
We apologize for the poor quality.

This office is wanting to identify one or more of these three budding entrepreneurs who broke into Mbotho Sales and Hire, 43 Old Main Road, Bothas Hill at around 05h50 on Sunday 20 April 2018.

They may have sold machines to you otherwise, they have recently started up a garden service.

Suspect 1 –
Caucasian man
Appears to have a limp
White coloured cap
Grey coloured jacket
Black coloured shorts

Suspect 2 –
Caucasian man
Black coloured cap
Black coloured shoes
Appears to have long blonde hair tied up in a pony tail

Suspect 3 –
Black man
White coloured cap
White coloured sneakers
Appears to be wearing spectacles
Grey coloured jacket

Anybody with information is asked to contact Brad discretely via inbox, mobile 0832502007 or email

Thank you
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