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Fake News!!!

Of all of the defense tactics employed by the defense team of the man who stands accused of the kidnapping and murder of Siam Lee, why has the defense negated to allege, along with everything else, that Private Investigator Brad Nathanson detained the wrong man entirely and that the man who stands accused was wrongfully implicated?

By now, it must be obvious to all that the man who stands accused of these crimes, along with so many other crimes, is indeed the right man and is nothing but a bold-faced liar who quite frankly, does not have any defense to speak of.

What an absolute waste of the State’s time, effort and resources whilst the merits of this man’s bail application are discussed and considered amidst an array of allegations by the accused that are unfounded, untrue and nothing more than an attempt to deflect the light that serves to expose him.

Hats off to prosecutor Surekha Marimuthoo and Warrant Officer R.M. Govender. You have both been tried and tested. The truth has and shall prevail.

Justice delayed is Justice denied.

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2 weeks ago

Brad Nathanson Investigations

Once before in a previous post I declared that Ford manufactures the safest motorcar available to the consumer. I made this comment after being involved in an accident on the N2 15 May 2017. As of yesterday 9 May 2018, I reiterate my declaration and my vehement recommendation that you never drive without being belted in.
Returning from a trip to Middleburg, on the N3 between Colenzo and Escort at about 18h00, an 18 wheeler carrying citrus overturned ahead of us, after the driver lost control due to him falling asleep at the wheel. I had no time to react, not even time to apply brakes before we crashed into the undercarriage of the 18 wheeler which was occupying both Southbound lanes. We walked away from this accident relatively unscathed having suffered mere cuts and abrasions mostly caused by the windshield. All airbags deployed and this is what saved us. Despite the fact that the engine block had been split in half, the cab of the Ford Ranger was intact, as were we.
The driver of the truck came up to me and humbly apologized for causing us to crash. He confessed that he was tired and that he had fallen asleep. He had no crew and nobody to keep an extra eye on the road for him whilst he drove.
The contents of the truck were looted by locals who carried away the fruit in anything that they could find to carry in.
Who could have expected a long-distance driver to fall asleep at 18h00?
Special thanks to:-
• Nathan and Riaan of Lords Auto
• Dr Buthelezi and staff Nokwanda Ngcobo and Yvonne Mdalose of Life Hospital Hilton
• David Chaiken and Tony Clothier who drove from Drummond to fetch us.
• My amazing wife Esmé, my mother-in-law Sonia and Taryn Fox for being at home to receive us.
• Our Lord God for sparing us.
Our roads are carnage. Accidents happen so quickly. Please drive safe. Wear your seat--belt and if at all possible, be driving a Ford 😊

#ford #savedbyfordsparedbyGod #FordRanger Ford Motor Company Ford South Africa

My previous post in May 2017:
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Please help us to find Damien Dolan (37) last seen in Middleberg on Thursday 3 May. If anybody knows his whereabouts, please contact this office directly.
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3 weeks ago

Brad Nathanson Investigations

Safely back home with family.
BNI team
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A couple of years ago this office ran a story on extortion pertaining to patrons of establishments where men could pay for the pleasure of another in the privacy of an accommodation usually tucked away out of sight and far from prying eyes.

After having engaged in time at places such as these, some of these men found themselves being extorted by those who would say that they had been holding vigil on such premises and that the extorted had been recorded arriving and leaving the premises of ill repute. In exchange for silence, “John’s” were asked to pay their extortionists.

Today, this crime has been revisited and is slightly more sophisticated. Men who now go onto sites and exchange photographs are under the same duress as those having been guilty of visiting “Knock Shops”. There is no end to the extortion and once you make your first guilt-payment, these people are unlikely to take their foot off your neck.

You have no idea who you are talking to at the other end of the phone or internet. You may not even be engaging with somebody of the opposite sex.

Use your brain. Abstain.

Be safe

(Picture courtesy of IOL and Tribune)
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Ever wonder how these fraudsters are able to obtain copies of your letter-heads, proforma invoices, internal memos, price lists etc???

An ex-con told this office about just one of the ways that fraudsters are procuring our intellectual property and this is by collecting our discarded business hubs, copiers and computers. From the hard-drives of these machines, fraudsters are retrieving your private and confidential information and using such to commit fraud.

Ensure that all hard-drives are destroyed or wiped clean before getting a swap-out, replacement-machine or upgrade.

On the flip-side we have people called "Strikers". Strikers will provide all of their own intellectual property to criminals who will use these documents to commit fraud. When the Striker is confronted by the SAPS or any other authority, the Striker will claim that they themselves are victim to identity theft and will deny any part of the fraud from which they benefit in exchange for providing the fraudsters with otherwise privileged and mostly inaccessible information.

Be Safe.
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51 lives lost on the roads in KZN over this long weekend. 46 motor vehicular accidents. Lives lost unnecessarily. The living left behind to mourn the dead. Precious lives gone forever.

On Monday night two fifteen year old teenagers each of the opposite sex decided to experiment with Xanax and Rivotril. The girl ended up in hospital on Monday night and the boy went into hospital on Tuesday morning shortly after we spoke with him.
I asked “Why?”. My response “Because I wanted to feel what the drug would do to me”. I asked why Xanax AND Rivotril. The fifteen year old’s response was that “Rivortril is a derivative of Xanax”. I asked who told him this. His response, “Google”.

Perhaps, one should read the stories on google which refer to the adverse affects or adverse symptoms of taking these drugs when they have not been prescribed to you instead of only reading what others have to say about how “social” they felt and what a “good time they had”. Truth be told, the fifteen year old boy told me that he remembered “nothing” from the night before, so what was the point? Why introduce something to your body which may, instead of giving you a “high”, rob you of your life, damage your brain or render one of your limbs useless for the rest of your time on earth?

If your child is seeking a high at the age of fifteen it is likely because of one or more of the following reasons:-

1. The child has no relationship with God and therefore no higher state of conscience.
2. Peer pressure.
3. No sports or extra-curricular interests.
4. Absent parents.
5. Keeping with the wrong company.

Any “friend” who does drugs with you is no friend at all and if you introduce me to your friends I will tell you what your future is likely to hold. Choose your friends wisely and carefully.

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Section 42 of the Criminal Procedure Act 51 of 1977 allows a Private Person to make an arrest in the following circumstances:

A Private Person can arrest any person without a warrant –
• who commits or attempt to commit an offence in his presence or whom he reasonably suspects of having committed an offence as referred to in Schedule 1;
• whom he reasonably believes to have committed any offence and to be escaping from and to be freshly pursued by a person whom such private person reasonably believes to have authority to arrest that person for that offence;
• whom he is by any law authorized to arrest without a warrant in respect of any offence specified in law
• whom he sees engaged in an affray

BNI did nothing unlawful during the detention of kidnapping, rape and murder accused in the SIAM LEE case, after which he was placed into SAPS custody.

1. Would we risk making any mistake in this case so as to compromise it’s outcome? Never with intention.
2. Did we enter the accused’s home before the SAPS LCRC? Never – This was a crime scene to us in more than one case.
3. Did BNI seize the accused’s vehicle? No BNI did not. The SAPS seized the vehicle.

“Deflection” – The oldest defense in the history of consequence. The accused’s allegations are completely and utterly predictable.

This is not our first rodeo ride.
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This office is needing information on these items that were offered up for sale by a man who gave his name as "Frikkie". Anybody with information is asked to contact us via inbox, email or call Brad directly on 0832502007. This transaction was to take place in the Upper Highway area. All information will be treated confidentially.
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