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On Friday 16 February a reader was en route to Inanda dam when he saw a white male being assaulted before being loaded into this vehicle by a group of 3/4 black males. This vehicle then left the valley and headed toward Hillcrest.

The registration number (which is not on the eNatis system) is NU325211.

Anybody with information is asked to contact us.
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Please help us to find this man.

A driver of one of our readers found this man's identity documents discarded in the Umbilo area. Such documents include this man's passport. He is from Malawi. We are eager to return his documents to him. If you know who he is, please contact this office so that we may make arrangements to return his goods to him.

Thank you.
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The below post was on request by Janine and David Wessels whose faith in our justice system has been restored.

A delighted Janine and David Wessels outside of Pinetown magistrates court today after Skip Kombuis was arrested as he was leaving court on charges of assault GBH on Janine Wessels. Skip was re-arrested for the alleged sexual assault of Janine and Dave's 6 year old grand-daughter, such incident having taken place at the Ashley Sports Club. Skip may also face other charges of kidnapping and/or abduction. Such will be put to the SPP for decision.

May Justice prevail.
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The man accused of the kidnapping and murder of Siam Lee appeared briefly before Magistrate Motala today and was remanded in custody from SAPS Durban North to Westville Prison pending his formal bail application set down before Magistrate Motala 7/8 March. He smirked at the people in the galley as he made his way downstairs seemingly chuffed at the prospect of being transferred.

This office will keep its readers up to speed with all developments and proceedings.

May Justice prevail.
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Actually, Chuck Noris is not his real name. His real name is Norman No-friends but Chuk Noris is his persona and the profile that Norman hides behind.

You see, in real life Norman is a lonely, spiteful man whose actual voice or opinion cannot be heard above the noise of the informed. Norman wishes that he knew better but as he doesn’t, Norman spends his time slagging off those who actually know what they are talking about because in this way, Norman is getting the attention that he desires. Like a dog, whether it be praise or scolding, Norman doesn’t care, just so long as he is being taken notice of.

Norman, whose dream it is to be somebody famous, even if just for that fifteen minutes each of us is promised, hates his life and finds fault in those whose outward appearance suggests that they may be enjoying what they do, let alone actually be good at it.

Norman shines when he becomes Chuk because Chuk may be anybody Norman dreams to be. Chuk is bigger, better, faster and shinier than Norman but the more time Norman spends as the manifestation of Chuk, the more obnoxious Norman becomes in real life until the time that even Norman himself is confused as to who he actually is. This makes Norman an ugly human being both behind the keyboard and in real life.

Sadly, social media has created space for too many of the Normans of this world whose selfish desire for attention is sometimes confused with the truth, thereby muddying the waters and creating “fake news”. Despite the fact that Norman may leave a trail of uncertainty and questions in his wake, this is when Norman is at his happiest.

Beware the Norman’s of this world because they are selfish in their mission to be heard irrespective the truth and they could care less about the collateral damage caused by their actions.
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Meet the monster under the bed -

Philani Ntuli stands accused of the kidnapping and murder of Siam Lee.

In justice we pray 🙏🏻

More on this story to follow....
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The man arrested in connection with the alleged kidnapping and murder of Siam Lee appeared briefly in court today.

The courtroom was packed with friends and family of both the accused and Siam. People protested outside the court demanding that Siam's death be vindicated.

The accused was remanded in custody to 9 February 2018 for further investigation. Carl Van Der Merwe, who was originally retained by the accused, withdrew himself from the case. The accused has appointed new counsel.

It was heartbreaking to note the pain that this senseless death has caused so many.

In God's Hands. May justice prevail.
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Embo craft market in Bothas Hill in support of little Siphesihle who went missing one month ago today.

Show your support by keeping your eyes open for this little girl whom we believe is likely still in the KZN area and by networking her picture.

Please contact this office if you have any information.


or you can inbox this page.

Thank you
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