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These were the headlines in yesterday’s Sunday Tribune. All true, if the reporter was referring to the information given to the newspapers by a “confidential informant” who suspiciously has never reported this version to the SAPS nor to myself in all of this time.

We said formal farewell to Siam Lee on Friday 2 March at a modest private ceremony held at Stellawood cemetery. All of the finger-pointing and sensationalism surrounding this case was brought to a sobering and abrupt halt when Theresa Lukan (a teacher of Siam and friend of the family) gave her eulogy in which she described Siam as a young girl with a beautiful heart and big dreams. This took me back to the court-room where I had to listen to the accused in the killing of Siam whining about the matrass in his cell being too thin for comfort. He is still alive to feel the discomfort!

As if the pain of the funeral was not enough for family and friends, along comes a “confidential informant” who paints Siam as a drug dealer, a user of Crystal Meth and Siam’s killer is discounted from serial rapist, kidnapper and murderer to “drug dealer”.

Just to put things into perspective, I wish to state the following:-

In March of 2016 a couple from our Church asked to meet with my wife Esme’ and I after Sunday service to which we agreed. Their 20 year old daughter sat in on the meeting. For the sake of argument we will call her Sam.

Sam had been working as a masseuse at a massage parlour in Northdene when a man came in for a massage after which he requested sex. When Sam refused the man’s advances and promises of money the man left only to return this time with a firearm. At gunpoint Sam was herded into a Mercedes Benz apparently, that of the man and she was forced to undress. She was made to lie naked behind the drivers seat and passenger seat of the coupe’.

By estimation, Sam knew that she was being taken West of Durban. When the vehicle eventually came to a stop it was already parked inside a garage so Sam had no idea where she was.

Sam was allegedly raped all day by this monster. The details of this are contained in her affidavit.

During the course of the day Sam was momentarily left alone. She was able to look out from the house into the surrounding area and noted that there were properties with horses. As dusk arrived, the man told Sam to dress. He then loaded her back into his car via an inter-leading door from the main house into the garage and took Sam back to Northdene where he left her with the warning that is she reported the incident, that he would kill her.

Esme’ and I put Sam into our own car the following day and drove the areas of Summerveld, Assagay, Bothas-Hill, Peacevale and Drummond to see if we could get Sam to recognize any landmark. Late that afternoon Sam pointed out number 3 Controversey Place Assagay. Sam was however not sure enough for us to move forward and a cursory look at the house and who owned it did not raise any alarms. There was the chance that Sam was wrong and at least, Sam was no longer willing to pursue the matter.

When the man who is accused of murdering Siam became my person of interest, and I established his address, that being number 3 Controversey Place, Assagay, I knew that I had the right man by modus operandi.

Remember two things:-

1. I was present when the man who is accused of Siam’s murder confessed in graphic detail. He is NOT a drug dealer. He is a monster and a sexual predator.
2. This office has received email upon email from ‘working” women who have encountered this man and who told us stories that horror movies are made of. I reiterate, he is a monster.

Since his arrest, Sam pointed this man out on an identity parade held in January 2018.

All of these things will come out in trial but in the meanwhile, do NOT discount this man’s level of evil because this is an injustice to the life of Siam Lee who may have died for a greater good, that being to stop this monster in his tracks and before he went on to hurt others.

With regard to the story that made front page of the paper yesterday, it is ironic that this story should surface simultaneous to a request from one of Nan Lee’s friends for me to look into the alleged theft by another of monies that were donated and should have been appropriated to Siam’s funeral. I suggest that yesterday’s story was designed by the “confidential informant” to take the spotlight off the theft of which, I will get to the bottom of.

Let the facts speak for themselves. His day in court is looming. In Justice we pray.

RIP young lady. May your death not be in vane.
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So long as there are others who care enough about something to invest time and energy in sustaining it's life, that life should be worth living.

We understand that the life of a stray dog may not mean much to some when compared to the life of a human being but the hearts of human beings have been hurt by the obvious death and subsequent disappearance of Cane.

There are people people and there are animal people. Nobody can argue or compare another's love, so to the person/s who killed Cane, know that your actions have caused pain to those who took care of Cane for almost a year. Removing Cane's remains exacerbated the pain because there is no closure. You have been cruel to an animal and cruel to humans.

This is what I know about you from a confidential informant:-

You may be a professional hunter.
You were "hunting" Cane for weeks.
You arrived at the site where Cane was killed as a passenger in a silver coloured SUV. A woman was driving you.
The woman alighted the SUV and threw food for Cane.
When Cane emerged from the sugarcane, you alighted the SUV dressed in a "Ghillie suit".
You got yourself into a crouched position, took aim and shot Cane with an arrow fired from a compound bow.

In my opinion, you took Cane's body away for one of the following reasons:-

1. To hide the manner in which Cane was killed.
2. To test the effects of a particular arrow-head.
3. As a trophy.

I understand the necessity for hunting and even culling but it is difficult to get my head around the mind of a man who would camouflage himself to kill a defenseless domestic animal who posed no threat and whose death may only be described as "sport".

I pray that this post jogs your conscience or the memory of somebody who knows what you did. You have people to answer to. You had no right nor good reason. Shame on you.
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RIP SIAM LEE. Your murderer will NOT go unpunished. Your soul may rest now. In God's Hands.
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There are way better fraudulent identity documents than this one. This is one of the worst we've seen and yet this thief still manages to get away with function hire equipment.

Please beware the man who goes by the name Pastor SCOTT NGUNI with this identity number. He is a thief and he is making a business from stealing function-hire equipment by sending a false POP.

Anybody with information on this man is asked to contact this office.
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If you are the correct owner of this email address then be glad this day as the result of the UK-lottery online e-mail address winning draws of 5th October 2016, held in London, United Kingdom has just been released and we are glad to announce to you that your email address won you the sweeptakes in the first category and you are entitled to claim the sum of GBP5.5 Million.

You are to contact the paying bank on the below information for quick release of your winning funds of GBP5.5 Million. To enable the paying bank ascertain you as the rightful winner and receiver of the GBP5.5 Million, Make sure you include the below listed information in your contact email to the bank. (1) Your country (2) Your full names and amount won, (3) occupation (4) contact telephone, (5) Sex and Age.

Contact the bank with the below information

Natwest Bank of United Kingdom
Contact Person: Mr. Mike Hurst
Position: Bank Accountant

Just incase you are thinking of how you won without entering, then note again that this very draw of the UK- Lottery Organization in which you have emerged as a winner was an online email address draws where thousands of email addresses was collected from almost all worldwide websites and used for the online draws/sweeptakes and during winners selection your email address came out among the first ten lucky winners which won you the lottery in the first winnings category and entitles you to claim the sum of GBP5.5 Million.


Mr. Henry Lambert.
Online Winning Notification Department
UK Lottery Organization
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Good day, I know this mail will come to you as a surprise but I need to contact you because of the urgency and confidentiality of this business transaction, I am Chief Account officer of the Ghana Gold Mining Corporation (GGMC).I have a deal here in my office I need a foreign partner to execute with me, I and my colleague over invoiced a contract payment valued US$105million. We awarded contracts for the supply and maintenance of all the Gold field and mining equipment for the nation gold mines to some foreign contractors valued US$5billion, which we over invoiced US$105million addition to the total contract sum.

Now as a matter of fact, most of the contractors have been paid and the remaining contractors’ payments are under process to be paid to them. With that, I and my colleague have decided to include you among these remaining contractors to process the sum of the US$105Million in your company or in your name to claim it for our mutual benefit.

I am now contacting you to present you as the sub-contractor who has this amount of US$105million to be paid for the supply of heavy mining equipment used in recent overhauling of the refineries and mining sites.I will advise you furnish me with your personal information including your personal cell phone number and the name of your company with address to enable me register it with our cooperate affairs commission in charge of allied and companies registration as an indigenous company.

It is mandatory that any foreign company must be registered in this country. Also with your acceptance to execute this business with me, I need to be sure of your confidentiality towards the conclusion of this deal, you will be given 30% of the total amount, while I and my colleague will take 70% once the money gets into your company account in your country.Also with my position here, I can officially arrange with you to be lifting 140 or 200 Kilograms of gold per month by getting a year or two years Gold allocation contract in your name and company name whether you are here or not. With this we can make more money from the Gold lifting here in Ghana. I will detail you more on this once I get your response.
Thank you and hope to hear from you as soon as possible. Send me your cell phone number or Email to call you for more details.

Best Regards
Terry Harry

Haven't you already got our email address???
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Please for two days may we encourage you to join the campaign against the killing of policemen. These are men and women who put their lives on the line for all of us. Please post the "bleeding badge" as your profile to show that "these lives matter to us".

May God protect you all.
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