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Advert to a girl received from a "friend" on Facebook:
This 'friend" had a mutual friend with this girl.
There is only one mutual friend called Mary and she is also a 15 year friend of this girl. We think that her facebook was hacked to make it look like they are friends.

This is the message from the "friend":

Have you ever thought about modelling or starting to model? I'm a rep for FashionTV. They are looking for new talent. they are looking for males and females that wants to model. Between the ages of 5 and 60 years old. Types of modelling they handel include fashion, glamour, fitness, fine art, body-part, acting and music videos. If your interested in modelling or getting more information add them on whatsapp 061 457 1900 . If you have and further questions feel free to add them. Hope you have a great day further.... You can also leave me your number. Here is a list of some of there up and coming shoots..

I need 2 mothers and daughters for a fashion shoot this weekend. The shoot pays R12900 per model. The shoot lasts 1 day if you know anyone or you would be interested in it yourself. Please contact them on whatsapp 061 457 1900..

Shoot for Puma clothing and shoes. I need 6 models 3 male and 3 female models for a puma shoes and new clothing. Shoot is this Saturday coming shoot pays R16300 per models and will take 1 hour per model. If you know anyone or you would be interested in it yourself please contact them on whatsapp 061 457 1900..
Please can you also leave me your whatsapp number so I can get you added. You can also leave your friends numbers if they are interested in modelling and ill get them added to.


Girl went on to ask where the shoot was to take place and this was the answer:

"If u leave me your WhatsApp number I'll get them to add u and send u everything".


From BNI:

Please be careful who you befriend on social media. There are predators out there who prey on 'socialites'.

Parents, FACEBOOK and other social networks like it is NOT private, you have the right to know what your child is up to when it comes to anything "social" on internet.

Do NOT send your contact details to anybody that you do not know.

Be careful out there and be especially careful of who you 'invite' into your life.
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Image of two of at least ten suspects involved in the armed robbery of a jewellry store in Westville during which 1M rands worth stock was stolen. Quite obvious;y and hardly believable, one of the suspects is dressed up like a woman, wearing a wig, sunglasses and a dress. The man never takes his left out from under his dress suggesting that he may have been carrying a weapon too big to conceal any other way.

In Johannesburg suspects carrying out the same type of robberies have been captured on CCTV camera wearing baseball caps or even cowboy hats as their "uniform". It's nothing more to them than a game without consequence.
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Below, left to right, two of the children used to accompany WARDA IBRAHIM and who have been caught themselves on CCTV footage in the act of theft, Uncle Haji or Abdulla and another male suspect (name unknown), sought for theft from numerous jewelry stores all over the country. Beware of these people. They are very proficient. Thieves come in all shapes and sizes these days. Please advise this office should you have any information on these suspects.
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Attractive women like WARDA MARGHANI IBRAHIM (Born 89) are being exploited in SA and are being used to commit crime whilst posing as royalty and under the guidance of those who introduce these women to cheap drugs like heroin and sugars. These women, in a need to feed their addiction, are committing crimes ranging from shoplifting to pick-pocketing to theft by slight of hand.

WARDA recently stole a 5ct diamond from a Jeweler in Durban by slight of hand and is on the run with two warrants out for her arrest, one in Durban and the other in Brakpan.

WARDA is usually in the company of an older man who calls himself Uncle Haji or Abdulla and has even been in the company of children whilst committing crime. The children may be seen on CCTV footage, caught in the act of stealing themselves. It would seem that the children are being groomed to steal.

These particular criminals, most of whom emanate from Yemen, will steal whatever they can get their hands on, from toiletries to jewelry and were caught stealing cash straight out of a till at Makro, Carnival, Johannesburg whilst the cashier was being distracted.

Image 1 - WARDA dressed for theft.
Image 2 - The real WARDA - Living in filth in Mayfair in Johannesburg, a residence that she has fled, addicted to sugars a cohabiting with at least 11 other foreigners in a four bedroom house.

If seen please contact this office as we are in possession of copies of both warrants for WARDA's arrest.
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This, for the information of the misinformed is Blake Lourens (and his sister Farren), a sportsman who is ranked no. 1 in his weight category and who represents South Africa in International events. Perhaps if his name was Victor Matfield or AB de Villiers, more of you would know who he is.

The second image was captured by CCTV camera the night of the incident and is of HUGO BOTHA walking in Wishart Road in search of the origin of the alleged disturbance.

Irrespective your thoughts, informed or misinformed on the use of supplement, Blake Louwrens is an athlete. He is 26 years old and dreams of one day becoming world champion.

“Roids” had nothing to do with the incident on Saturday night, unless HUGO BOTHA is “steroids first failure”. Blake was driving with his Mother and his Sister in his car. Tristan White was alone.

Blake’s car was shot at from behind. Tristan’s car was shot at from behind even though Tristan was fleeing in the opposite direction away from BOTHA toward the perceived safety of Hathaway Estates. Even if the theory of armchair investigators were true and that Blake attempted to “kill” BOTHA with his motor vehicle, why then was it necessary that BOTHA shoot at Tristan’s car as well?

There was no rage on the part of Blake nor Tristan. All the rage this evening came from BOTHA who was already incensed by the noise being made by a high-performance vehicle and egged on by other residents from the street.

So, why did BOTHA bring a revolver to the party? Why did he not simply take the registration number down of the vehicles he believed were to blame for the disturbance? It would have been clear to BOTHA that Blake had two other people in his car but this didn’t stop BOTHA from shooting at it from behind, either oblivious or careless to the fact that he was unlikely to only hit Blake, if indeed Blake was his target. Tristan was implicated by default.

It's NOT okay to shoot at people because they annoy you unless you live in a lawless society which despite current perception, we do NOT! A Mother could have lost her life. A young woman could have lost her life. A sportsman could have lost his dream and a scholar could have died. Where is the “right” in all of this?

Shame on those who think it was okay for BOTHA to behave in this way. I wonder how you would be feeling if this was your Mother, Brother, Sister or friend. It’s not a wonder that we as a race are headed toward extinction in this country. It’s because we are selfish, self-serving and just like Trevor Noah describes, all that we know is how to whine and deflect blame whilst exhibiting an attitude of undeserved “expectancy”.

Take a stand. Respect the laws of the land. It is biblical.

Brad Nathanson
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Today HUGO BOTHA stood before a magistrate in Pinetown Court charged with attempted murder. He was remanded back in custody until his formal bail hearing set down for 25 August 2017. He had nobody in support of him or his actions save for his attorney. How very sad this made us feel for him.

It is alleged that HUGO BOTHA, a resident of Wishart Road Hillcrest, got annoyed on Saturday night 12 August 2017 by the sound of a high-performance motor of a motor vehicle that had been “driving up and down Wishart Road”. Egged on by neighbours, BOTHA decided to take the law into his own hands and flagged down a white coloured Ford Focus ST as it left Hathaway Estates with a KIA Picanto following closely behind.

The driver of the Ford ST stopped to hear what it was that BOTHA wanted. After bringing his vehicle to a halt however the driver Blake Louwrens, noticed that BOTHA was armed with a revolver and he saw BOTHA loading ammunition into the cylinder of his weapon.

Louwrens reversed away from BOTHA and then drove around BOTHA in an effort to escape the unthinkable; the fact that BOTHA might actually shoot.

With BOTHA now behind Louwrens, Louwrens believed that they were in the clear however, gunshots rang out, bullets ripping through the body of the vehicle before hitting passenger Farren Louwrens (Blake’s sister) in the right shoulder and passenger Karen Louwrens (Blake’s Mother) in her left thigh. Blake was unscathed.

Tristan White was driving the KIA. When he saw BOTHA shooting, he reversed at high speed and turned his vehicle around to head back to the safety of Hathaway. Allegedly, this did not stop BOTHA from shooting at the KIA whilst running after it. Two bullets ripped through the body of the KIA shattering the rear window and window frame. Tristan White was unscathed.
Farren and Karen Louwrens were rushed by Blake to Hillcrest Hospital for medical attention. The projectile that entered Farren’s shoulder is lodged behind her collar-bone and may only be removed in 6 weeks. Karen suffered a superficial gunshot wound and may not require further medical attention in this regard.

SAPS were unable to arrest BOTHA on scene as he was nowhere to be found. BOTHA handed himself in to the SAPS on Monday 14 August 2017 after he had lawyered up. The state took custody of BOTHA’s 5 licensed weapons.

Blake holds the title of SA Strong Man and is NOT the driver of the vehicle that residents of Wishart Road have been complaining about. Farren is a child-minder and Karen is a book-keeper. Tristan White is still at school. The Louwrens family are from Westville and rarely visit the Hillcrest area.

Even if Blake WAS the driver of a noisy high-performance motor vehicle, what on earth was BOTHA thinking by shooting at not only Blake’s car, but also the car being driven by Tristan White? How is it that he has a mindset of “no consequence” when he is a licensed gun owner, has a competency certificate and has worked in at least two gun-shops? The implications of his actions caused serious injury and may have resulted in death.

Is this the state of the Nation or a state of mind?

Our sympathies to all parties, friends and family. We are living a troubled time.
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Why is it that the man in the picture below, ALEX MHLANGA , whom we arrested 15 May 2017 for the murder of Marius Deyzel as well as a home invasion in Kosi Basy, who has escaped twice from SAPS custody since his arrest, is STILL in South Africa and has no interest in returning to his country of birth and primary residence, that being Mozambique? Because he doesn't fear or respect the laws of our country and there is NOTHING for him back home. Why is it that Naira currency was found on the suspects shot by the SAPS 14 August on the M13 after a botched CIT heist? Because they are foreign nationals, illegally here in SA to plunder.. How many more lives have to be lost to violence before our government catches on??? Or doesn't our President care???
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"Liquid G"

What It Is: GHB (gamma hydroxybutyrate) is illegally produced in home basement labs, usually in the form of a liquid that has no odor or color.
It is known as a designer drug because it is specifically made for the purpose of getting people high.Like Ecstasy, GHB is a popular drug with club-goers and those who go to "rave parties," including teens and young adults. Its side effects can be very dangerous, especially if the drug is mixed with alcohol.
Sometimes Called: Liquid Ecstasy, G, Georgia Home Boy, CupsHow It's Used: Swallowed (in liquid or powder form, which is mixed with water, or as tablets)

What It Does to You: GHB causes both a euphoric high (intense rush of happy feelings) and hallucinations. GHB has caused many young people to need emergency medical care. Because the liquid is odorless and colorless, GHB diluted in drinks is virtually undetectable and sometimes is slipped unknowingly into someone else's drinks.

Side effects of GHB use include drowsiness, dizziness, nausea, vomiting (puking), and vision changes. People who take GHB may become unconscious (pass out), stop breathing, and go into a coma. Using GHB can kill you.Because both GHB and alcohol are depressants, mixing the two is very, very dangerous and can be deadly — even if someone has only taken low doses of the drug.
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update: Tess Fernandes

Dave Taylor:
Tess pleaded guilty to having defrauded the Umngeni Spca to the sum of R300 000 between March 2015 and June 2016. She was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment, the whole of which is suspended, for a period of 5 years on the following condition: That she repays the R300 000 (Full payment was made on the 18th July 2017 to the Umngeni Spca). She is further sentenced to 3 years correctional supervision, wherein she is to perform 18 hours of community service per month for the first 18 months of the correctional service. She must attend all offenders programs reasonably deemed necessary by the Department of correctional services. She must refrain from any use of alcohol / narcotics for the duration of the correctional supervision. For the full duration of this sentence she will be subject to monitoring by the Department of correctional services and will remain under house arrest after hours, save for Reasonable weekly shopping, Reasonable medical needs and Emergencies and specific exceptions allows for by the Department of correctional services.We would like to thanks the Spca team and Mr Norman Abraham for their tireless effort to getting the money back and effecting justice.
Dave Taylor (chairman)
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